We were at 2023 World Food fair.!

September 1, 2023

We took part in the Istanbul World Food Fair between September 1-5. Visitors from various countries came to our stand, we met new customers and introduced our new products to our old customers. The fair was very productive for us.

We launched our new product "UKUDE"..

November 15, 2023

We took the classical product, the popular "Walnut Sausage" and changed its primitive appearence and turned it into a more modern and hygienic form. We kept the name and the taste of the original "Mardin Walnut Sausage" as it is. We think it turned out quite well.

Tafe products are now in Miami !

December 20, 2023

Our products, which were previously distributed in the East Coast of America and the state of California, have now started to be sold in Miami, Florida. Our products took their place on the shelves of "Presidente" markets in Miami.

2023 ISM Fair in Cologne..

April 23, 2023

We attended the ISM Food Fair in Cologne, Germany, for the second time. Visitors came to our stand from all over the world. We had the opportunity to showcase our new products. We improved our relationships with our old customers and introduced ourselves to many new ones.

Corendon Airlines joined in !

July 1, 2023

Corendon Airlines liked our "Butter Cookies" very much and decided to offer it to their customers on their flights. Thus, it became the 4th airline to be selling or distributing Tafe products on their flights, we are very proud and happy to accompany the world travellers in air.

Our New Fruit Bar "Fit-4-U" !

August 1, 2023

Our Gluten Free Fruit Bar "Fit-4-U" which has high Glycogen and Protein content is ready to hit the markets. Fit4U contains Peanuts, Orange Peels, Dates and is rich in Glycogen and Protein is sure to become a favorite healthy snack.

Emirates Airlines chose a Tafe product !

August 1, 2022

Emirates Airlines, loved our "Narbar" product which is a Turkish Delight bar containing Hazelnut and Coconut flavored with Pomegranate. We are proud that this is the third airline that elected to serve our products .

We were at the World Food Fair in Istanbul

September 1, 2022

We took place at the "World Food" fair in Istanbul for the 3rd time. We met new customers from many parts of the world. We also had a chance to introduce our new products to our customers and strengthen ties.

Our new Vegan product "Takmandu" is out..

October 1, 2022

"Takmandu" is a Vegan and Gluten Free snack that is fiber rich as well as high protein. We are positive that our Date based product with various Fruits and Nuts will be highly appreciated by health concience consumers.

Our new products "Mamoul" cookies are introduced.

28 August, 2021

We introduced 2 new "Mamoul" products that are very popular in the Middle East. We wished that our domestic and overseas customers get to know these delicious pistachio and wallnut cookies which also come with lovely herbs.

"World Food 2021" International Fair - Istanbul.

9 September, 2021

This was our 2nd participation in this Fair. We were very glad to meet some old and many new friends from inside as well as outside of Turkey. We had a chance to introduce our products and make new export connections.

"Sun Express" Airlines now serves Tafe in their flights.

05 October, 2021

"Sun Express" airlines has started to sell our 2 snack products, Barazek and Salty cookies during their flights. We believe that this cooperation will carry us to other European Airlines and we are grateful to them for this.

Our E-commerce site TafeShop.com is on

June 01, 2020

We proudly launched our Online Website TafeShop at the same time taking place in major online shopping portals such as HepsiBurada.com, TrendYol.com, N11.com.

New Product anouncement "Chocolate chip cookie"

Aug 15, 2020

Our new product "Chocolate chip cookie with Cranberries " is introduced. It is liked by everyone right from the start promising to be a success and it is off to good start.

Tafe is now in BiM markets with 3 products

October 03, 2020

BiM a major discount supermarket chain in Turkey chose Tafe as their partners in snacks line with 3 products and promised to list more of our protucts in the future.

TAFE is now in Macro Center stores

Jan 25, 2020

Four Tafe products now take place in all "Macro Center" stores in Turkey starting january 25 2020. More Tafe products will be added to store shelves in the near future.

Tafe attended ISM cologne fair 2020

Feb 11, 2020

"Tafe Snacks" company was an exhibitor in 2020 ISM cologne fair. TAFE was presented a plaque by the Turkish Consulate and the Turkish Food Exporters Association

New Product "KAVALA" is introduced

March 20, 2020

TAFE introduced a new product in March 2020. The delicous "Kavala" cookies a local delicacy of Thracia, which is loved by everyone in Turkey.

New Product "Gluten Free" Biscotti

January 20, 2019

Tafe introduced in the beginning of 2019 the "gluten free" version of the delicious and admired BISCOTTI product also in a smaller packaging, 60 gram box is out for the liking of Tafe lovers.

Tafe is now in all IKEA stores

June 18, 2019

Tafe products, "gluten free Biscotti" and "Chocolate covered dates" were chosen by IKEA to take place on their shelves in 3 stores in Istanbul and 4 other stores in Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Antalya.


July 10, 2019

3 of the Tafe products were chosen to take place in the "Inflight Cafe Menu" of Pegasus Airlines to be served in all domestic and international flights starting July 10th of 2019. More Tafe products will follow in the future

Halal Certificate

February 05, 2017

Our company has established the “Halal Certificate” manufacturing principles as of 02.05.2017. The "Halal Certificate" was approved by ISQ and given to our Food Engineer Ms. Hayriye Sözen by Mr.Nusret Sari.

47th ISM International Expo

January 30, 2017

We attended to 47th ISM International Biscuits and Confectionery Expo as Tafe Gıda in Cologne Germany between 29th January and 1st of February 2017 and established new connections.

China International Tea Expo

January 05, 2016

Our founder Mr. Fehmi Tahincioglu and Managing Director Mr. Ergin Baykara have represented Tafe Sweets at the International Tea Expo in Emei of Sichuan China. Our products generated much interest at the fair.

Media Advertisement Awards

July 29, 2015

Our chairman Mr. Fehmi Tahincioglu and Managing Director Mr. Ergin Baykara have represented our company at the 12th "Red, the best of in Media Advertisement Awards” event as the product sponsor.

Food Technology Magazine

April 05, 2015

News in the press about our conmpany's first ever Export shipment. Our products have been purchased by visitors through our connections in Tax Free-Shops at international airports. Though this has ben the first direct sale to a buyer in another country.

Dunya Newspaper

March 21, 2015

News in the press about our company and it's production capacity. Mr Ergin Baykara, the G.M. of our company talks about the production projections into the future. Our company is planning to increase the Exports as well as the domestic sales in order to reach 540 tons.

Kadikoy Life Magazine

September 08, 2014

Kadikoy Life Magazine interviews our founder. The article talks about the history of Tafe Sweets and the life story of our founder Fehmi Tahincioglu and his past achievements in Kent Confectionary

Food Technology Magazine

June 03, 2014

Food Technologies Magazine review of our company and its products. The article talks about the history of our company and our founder Fehmi Tahincioglu and the future projection of the company


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